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HyperIntelligence – Lightning speed business intelligence

HyperIntelligence, also known as Zero-click Business Intelligence, is a technology that can deliver valuable and meaningful insights directly on your work environment without any action needed. We could also define HyperIntelligence as proactive Business Intelligence. You are used to going to your business Intelligence system, logging in, searching for the appropriate report/dashboard, introducing or searching for the specific customer, defining time periods and other filters needed to get the desired insights. Now, just imagine that all the information you need would proactively be delivered to you: on your phone, on your e-mail system, or in your working tools like your CRM or operational systems – all in the blink of an eye. This technology has been available since 2019, and you probably did not even know about it.


But HyperIntelligence can be much more than this!

HyperIntelligence can also be a wonderful solution to bringing or sharing information between your applications without any long and expensive data integration projects.
HyperIntelligence enables operational workflows that will greatly increase your operational efficiency.
HyperIntelligence can correlate information from several sources and apply visual thresholds and alerts to your work environment.

We are talking about a very recent technology, with huge potential to create new solutions and new use cases.
Another positive point is that we are talking about a fast and low TCO implementation that easily gets the return of your investment.

Would you like to witness HyperIntelligence in action? Simply get in touch with us.

Tiago Fonseca
Managing Partner




Analytics & Data Science

We put Analytics to your service. The Insights you need, at the right moment, in the right place, to the right person.

Data is everywhere. Data is growing faster than ever, either structured or unstructured, so the ability of extracting insights from Data is the challenge that moves us.
We deliver the Insights you need.

What is Analytics?

Analytics by definition is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics, or simply the science of logical analysis. But today we use a broader definition and we can say that Analytics involves analysing historical data from different sources to find trends, effects of past decisions or events, or measure performance, and then apply this knowledge to improve Business.

Analytics Maturity Model

For each step you go up in the Analytics Maturity Ladder, the bigger will be the Value you add to your business. The complexity also rises in each step, and it’s very difficult to jump steps, here is where Pluto Analytics’ wide experience deploying and improving Analytical Systems can help you.

  • Do you have all the information you need when making decisions?
  • Do you spend more time analysing information rather than collecting it?
  • Do you have the same business numbers of all the other members of your company?
  • Do you feel that you are one step ahead of your competitors?
  • Do you think that your company is efficient dealing with business information?


If you got at least one No to these questions or if you want to go to the next level, talk to us!

If you got at least one No to these questions or if you want to go to the next level, talk to us!